Console expected life time support.

Now the Smoke has well and truly settled with the release of the latest Gen consoles, well apart from the odd Rant and/or fan boy post, i was sitting here just thinking about how long ago it seems when i was first Wow'd with the Xbox 360 and PS4.

With both companys expecting their new consoles to be supported for around 10 years, the last Gen consoles have reached their said year life cycle more or less.

The thing is, these consoles have both created their own massive market and online comunity.

which on both sides of the fence the users still their love playing on their Xbox360 or PS4.

That means there is still a strong well established market with pleanty of money still to be made.

With that in miind why would Microsoft or Sony want to stop suporting their last Gen systems, Just because they have released newer Gen consoles?

Why stop supporting something that still makes money on Hardware, related product services and software ?

Even more so when the hardware costs alot less to make from when they first released the tech.

To me this would be a totaly stupid Business move, the more i think about it, i can't help but keep thinking, it would only make sense to stop supporting them when the market starts showing a fast downward trend in sales of hardware, paid product services and software.

Maybe with this Gen of consoles, they have learned something new from the last Gen when it comes to announcing the life cycle of the product support.


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I know both Microsoft and Sony said they expect these current consoles to be around for about 10 years.

I've seen quite a few developers though say they will never last that long. Some even said they are outdated now.

One developer from UbiSoft posted, basically expect to see then Next Next Gen in 5-6 years max!

Who knows.

Well, if history serves, we just might see the Xbox One console stick around for 15 years! Think about it - the Xbox released in 2001 and was still around in 2005, when the Xbox 360 released. That's 5 years right there. The Xbox 360 is still going strong since 2005 even today, despite the Xbox One's release in late 2013. That's 10 years for the Xbox 360! So, if we're adding 5 years of life per generation of MS console, it stands to reason (and tradition) that the Xbox One will be around for 15 years. It's a pattern!

Whether we continue to follow that pattern/trend, however, only time will tell... ;P

Alternatively, we already know about the MS Hololens, which for all we know may be the next big thing to take over our living rooms - and that's probably coming sooner than we think. ;)

With technology advancing at a very fast rate.... (What you buy tomorrow is already outdated) you can expect this console to be around (SUPPORTED) for about 10+ years but also expect an XB2 to be released in the early 2020s or so...

I'd say about 8-12 years. They're still supporting Xbox 360 cuz Microsoft knows how pOpUlAr it is, it's true, there are much more people active on 360 than 1. I joined xbox late 2010 and know 360 came out in 2005(?) and Microsoft hasn't even announced a date for when they'll discontinue XBL support for 360 which is kwl.

Consoles are generally cheaper than even a decent PC. In NZ, new PC's can cost around $1,000 where as Xbox 1 Day 1 with Kinect only $749. Even many PC's in NZ selling for around $1,000 don't even have 8GB RAM, they have only 4GB RAM. But get well into the console's life span, the console's hardware becomes as old as the dinosaurs. This is becoming a reality for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Xbox 360 only has 512MB RAM and hardware 10 years older than Xbox 1's hardware. This is probably why you run into poor frame rate and tremendous lag on Minecraft Xbox 360. When you play the game offline, it's fine. And I have Vodafone High Speed cable internet which does 100mb/s down and 10mb/s up. Last year and in previous years on 360, the host never lagged. This year.... me and my friends have complained amongst ourselves we're getting lag. Well they have released tonnes of updates and stuff since the game came out for 360 that the 512MB RAM on a 10 year old graphics card may not be able to handle. I also read Xbox 360 has only 15,000 Xbox Live Servers worldwide where as Xbox 1 uses over 300,000 Xbox Live servers worldwide and has 8GB RAM and an 8 core processor. Most PC's don't even have an 8 core processor they usually have a 2 core (intel core i3/i5) or 4 core (AMD A series). In 8 years time, even 8GB RAM may come antiquated. 512MB RAM in... 2005 may have been OK for gaming, but I consider it peanuts amount of memory for 2015.

Youtube, games, and Netflix I must comment, perform considerably faster and better on my Xbox 1 than on my Xbox 360 slim console. Sometimes when I launch Youtube on my 360 slim console, it freezes on a black screen. Xbox 360 is awesomeness (I intentionally wrote it like that) even most of my friends play more on it than Xbox 1. Even if it means putting up with a console with a 10 year old graphics card and only 512MB RAM. The year I joined Xbox was the year when Microsoft released the Xbox 360 slim console to Australia/NZ. People say they want 4k games right now. I find that hard to achieve with only 8GB RAM. And in 10 years time they'll probably want 8k graphics and 100GB RAM... just kidding. Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 are great platforms. With PC's, you have to worry about recommended system specs and stuff, and viruses. Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 genuine consoles have pretty much never gotten viruses yet. In 2011 I tried playing the Sims 3 on my HP Pavilion dv6 which has 4GB RAM AMD 1GB HD Radeon 6490 and an intel core i5 processor and it crashed/froze so much it was just sad, yes keep everything up to date on my PC. I'm planning on getting a new PC this year with Windows 10. But when I play The Sims 3 on Xbox 360... no crashing, and 360 only has 512MB RAM.

Consoles can be real fun, and a much cheaper alternative to buying a high end gaming PC which could cost easily 3x the price of a console. It's a great alternative for if you're not in a position to afford a 3 grand high end gaming PC. I still think they should have gone with GDDR5 RAM. but at least the graphics card isn't 10 years old and it has 8 gigs of RAMand it has ESRAM which has a very high theoretical/achievable bandwidth. Everything in the end has a life cycle, including us.  

I don't know about life cycle more like recycle these day's ...

I only have to look at the third party games/apps

There are quite a few of these type of games for Xbox One and PS4, which  where cutting edge in the 1980's-90's graphics included but they have now started recycling it again just in a different format.

And these type of games can be played on a phone so they hardly pushing the hardware limit of consoles ..

This is the only reason "Backwards Compatibility" exists.

Nobody really wants backwards compatibility (though some people think they do).

Yeah, put that shiny new car back in the garage and give me that old used one instead that gets worse mileage and has a poorer driving experience.

Sure there are some great classic cars and there are some great classic games.

But the only reason to resurrect most of the stuff on the 360 is to lure the droves of 360 owners into buying a ONE on the premise that it will now play most of the games they currently enjoy.

Also it seems a bit wierd to discuss the Next Genereration's 10 year lifespan when the modern gamer's attention span seems to struggle to stretch beyond a weekend.

But then perhaps Publishers only have themselves to blame for re-releasing the same games over and over again until you become absolutely sick of flagship titles.

I reckon there won't be another Xbox but it will be in the form of a PC app with the Xbox live functionality. Just my own opinion.

I'm not to sure but it seems they have got about as much as they can out of the  current way they give us games to play, I mean using first person shooters for an example, way back in the day when we were first given the math coprocessor tech and started seeing cool 3D games like DOOM it's really not changed since.

They have made the graphic's better and also the environments in which we run around a lot more interactive but there has been nothing new added to the table in the way we play.

It's like they have pushed it has far as they can what else can they add or do that they have not done already.

I suppose this is where VR is going to fill the gap for a while by making it even more  immersive.

If i'm correct on any of this then they really need to make the games story's more ummm .... uh that's the word, New.

I actually do want BC, not just think I do. Out of all the consoles I had to trash one and that was the 360. History suggests that most consoles are BC by default, logic would suggest allot of gamers would expect the same for the xb1 and ps4. So for those that aren't afraid of older games it's part of life more then an accessory. Moving right along,,,, after a year of extensive PS4/PS3 gaming and now mostly on the XB1, the differences are minimal as we all know. I even re-bought GTA 5 and AC Unity just to play them again on a different console. The one game I've %100 stopped playing on the XB platform is COD, amazing that my reputation is now good ;) I played allot of PS3 due to money spent on games and PS4 as I basically had every game released on said platform. With no 360 I'm glad to see BC coming as my untouched 360 library is bigger then the ps3 was, perfect examples are borderlands and Gears. Moving right along, the only moaners now are the PC elites which shouldn't affect us at all. I think both consoles will last at least 5 years unless the NX blows everything we know out of the water.

"I actually do want BC, not just think I do. "

I thought I would not care.  But I gave away my 360 to someone who could not afford one.  And i WILL use BC for Mass Effect series and the Gears games at least.  Probably others.

As for the console expected lifetime support i would say 6 years give or take 1.  The tech in these is a little dates.  The 360/PS3 may not have been top of the line compared to PC but they were comparably better to PCs at the time compared to where these things were when they launched.  And are going to drop pretty fast due to some tech that will become mainstream very soon and new tech.

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