Console banned over nothing?

I was in the middle of a game, and I got console banned for no reason that I could think of. I went to the 'banned' section of the forum and I can see that the majority of people are getting banned for using other/recovering peoples accounts 'unauthorised'. How do xbox know what is authorised and what isn't? I'm guessing that's probably the reason I'm banned because I recover my friends and cousins gamer tags all the time, because I like to play split screen with them.

If that's really the reason I paid money to get console banned then I'm shocked, I just upgraded my annual live subscription pretty much last week then I'm hit with this? I'm furious.


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Microsoft can tell on what consoles an account has been used, so recovering your family or friends accounts is very unlikely to have been the cause as they would have been able to tell that was a regular event.


Did you ask on the console ban board for a reason or did you just assume that your reason would be the most common one?


There are many reasons a console can be banned, unauthorised account recovery is just one of them.

Its clearly obvious you recovered an account that was reported as being stolen, hence the console ban.

That's too much, totally unreasonable and a much heavier fine than you'd get for some crimes that could be heard by jury.  £200 for recovering your friend's account and where are those folks who keep saying you can't get banned for nothing?  Just phone Microsoft and tell them your account is stolen before going to your friends house for split screen...  good joke for some.

The OP is assuming that is the reason he got banned, not that it was the actual reason, because that is what the majority on the console ban board were for.


If he posts on there he will find out the reason his console was banned. It's possible that it is for a different reason.

Is it coincidence you were playing the most modded game on xbox live at the time?

participating in modded games will get you banned.

on a side note your signature on your post should get you a forum ban as well.

Why do people look different with their eyes closed?

Even though you had to read this before joining live I'll post it for you again. 



Everything you need to know about what is and is not allowed on live is listed in those two links.

How about this one...  You know a person has two gamer tags, one that they use and one that they created a few years ago but don't use.  You report the earlier gamer tag as stolen and wait...  lol.  If the person who created it decides to look it up they get banned.  I know you're only allowed one tag per person but it's still a heafty fine and especially inappropriate for just increasing the number of LIVE users Microsoft talk about.  :-D

What makes you think you are only allowed one gamertag?


Also as I mentioned before, Microsoft know what consoles a tag has been used on. So a person managing to recover his account that was taken would not lead to a ban.


Simply because if the account had been reported stolen to Support then you wouldn't be able to recover it in the first place as they lock the account preventing anyone from using it, and secondly because they'd have the record of it being on your console in the past.

[quote user="daaZaH"]I'm guessing that's probably the reason I'm banned because I recover my friends and cousins gamer tags all the time,[/quote]You are not permitted to download any gamertags other than the ones you own. If your friends and cousins are downloading their tags to your console that's fine, but you personally ma not do that. "Account recovery" was done away with after the Fall 2011 update. Now a profile can be downloaded to mutliple consoles.


If you want to know why your console was banned, post in the banned console forum.