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So I am posting this thread HERE although I was told I shall post it in the support forum number 14. I actually did post it there, 5 times to be exact, and never was my post approved of or replied upon for some reason. I am really surprised from the lack of support. Here is the post I used :

" Please I beg of you not to ignore this topic.

I bought a used console from a person who had a sort of "Microsoft Certificate of Authorization". He told me this is a certificate from microsoft that means he's allowed to sell used xboxes and that his xboxes are safe. I bought the xbox he showed me and I got almost 10 used disks with it (I got seriously shocked, but like any normal person would do I accepted). I discovered later that the certificate was a fake he used to sell xboxes. I knew this when the disks he gave me SUDDENLY stopped working after I did the xbox live update (AKA the xbox turned out to be modified). After that I continued using xbox live with ACTUAL disks I bought. They were 2 only. COD : Black Ops and COD : MW2 hardened edition. I bought one from and one from some small mall. I continued using LIVE and never knew that if it was a previously modified xbox the console would get banned. I never used any pirated disks and I never tampered with the console. I bought a real LIVE membership and REAL disks and thought that the way you dealt with modified xboxes is sending the LIVE update and erasing the "modification" (if that's what it's called). However, yesterday I tried signing in to xbox live and found out that the console is banned.

I assure you that as soon as I bought the xbox I did the update (which IMO is seriously enough to undo a modification as all pirated disks would stop working... banning is unneccessary because many victims would have to deal with it such as me...). I now have two REAL disks and a real LIVE account but can't afford a new console. Moreover, the access to LIVE is my right as I bought the Gold Membership and it's officially mine. My bio, motto, and gamertag never offended anyone, and I am a fair player and try as hard as possible not to offend people.

I would sincerely appreciate it if you can undo the ban, and I accept ANY sort of security you would use on my LIVE. Keep watching my account and xbox, and check that the only two disks I use are the ones listed above, and if I use ANY other sort of  "illegal" pirated disk, I would gladly accept your ban. As for the previous data from the pirated disks that were used, I do not know how to get rid of them (some of them are on MY account as I used it for a while offline before using LIVE, not knowing the disks were pirated), and I do not know if the update completely erases the modification or just makes it stop working (if it just makes it stop working please take into consideration that I don't know how to get rid of it and try to check if I use it by checking the kind of disks I use), but please keep watching me for ANY kind of future illegal forms of playing and keep me under surveillance for as long as you like, but I hope you give me back my right of using the membership I paid for. I would even send you a message via any way you want about every new disk I'll purchase BEFORE using it with full information of the price, the name, the edition, and the place I bought it from. I thank you for taking the time to read this message, and please do not ignore this post, I would really appreciate a thoughtful answer, and please take my case into consideration as I know that you're a very respectful institution that thinks thoroughly about these "misunderstood" cases and would try to make a little exception in rare cases.

I thank you again. Sincerely yours : XxnanoxX1997

P.S. : I worked really hard on this message and thought thoroughly of all the details that actually happened, so please accept it as a post and answer on it. Thank you.

And now for my console's info (I got this from system info) :

SN: 123469393005
Console ID: 019587040970
D: 2.0.13599.0-K:2.0.13599.0 (BK:2.0.1888.0)
E: 02D1-2114-CE96-E6BA
X: 24BA-3B1A-E013-8CCC
F: 6762-9BBF-582D-940C
K: 00:00:00:01:00.00.0000.00:

I hope this is all you need... If it isn't please reply to this telling me what more you need to check the reasons and unban me if you are convinced with my cause. Again, thank you so much for taking your time. "

Side note : I have actually accepted upon the terms-of-use, but just to clarify things, the "ONLY" thing I haven't accepted upon is the fact that no one could be unbanned no matter what.


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The reason for the ban could have taken place before you purchased the console. Sadly this is a common thing, people who know there console is due enforcement action will sell the console and pass the problem onto an unsuspecting person.

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