Console and Monitor settings for Sharp Aquos 60 120hz LCD HDMI@1080i

okay guys here is a good setup for the aquos. been messin around for months to find a good one. so try this out.

okay go to your console display settings.
1080 i
extended reference levels
YbPcR color settings

audio can be set to WMA pro.

sharp aquos settings
scrren size 100%

color temp: cool

picture mode: user

brightness 60

contrast 80

color 58

tint 0

sharpness 55

brightness 60

backlight   high

advanced settings:

dynamic contrast   on

film mode   off  ( on can cause tearing in some games)

noise reduction     medium  (high makes far off images super blurry)

MPEG noise reduction    off  (in games this causes tearing)

120hz lvl     medium  (high can cause moar screen tearing lol)

audio:  user

bass -3

treble -3

surround mode    off

auto volume leveling (AVL)    (on)

the rest is up to you guys. try this out and let me know if you like it an if you can come up with something better let me know. 
in your games you may have to turn your brightness setting up to compensate for the extended reference levels which is 0/0 true black (normal= 7/7    intermediate 0/7  extended 0/0 ) 

i played skyrim with these settings and armor that did not shine and reflect light before looked beautiful and looked polished. forza horizon you can see your gauges during the day with a brightness adjustment. battlefield 3 will require a screen adjustment and brightness adjustment. i will post more recommendations as i get bored with these lol. 
happy gaming.



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Excuse me. It will reduce power consumption, but "Increase" overall lifespan. Whoever read that probably thinks I'm crazy now.

Set the Xbox 360 to 1080p (1080i is interlaced and an LCD is a progressive type of TV. 1080p is a progressive format), Standard reference Levels (Since you did not state your TV has a Black Level setting) and RGB (games are natively shown in this format. Set to YCbCr for watching Netflix, etc.). Also, turn OFF anything that is an "enhancement". This includes Dynamic Contrast , Noise Reduction, and 120hz motion compensation because these ADD LAG.


For basic picture quality settings:

1. Set color temp to Normal which gives red and blue color a balance between each other (do NOT know why people want Warm and some TV's "look" balanced in Warm,  but proper calibration leads to NORMAL being the correct color temperature).

2. Backlight on medium or lower (backlight is the MAIN power consuming component in a TV. If you're using a Full Contrast source like  a PC or Xbox 360, high backlight is NOT needed and setting it lower will DRASTICALLY reduce power consumption and overall lifespan).


Finally, WMA Pro does not work unless your in Media Center and have one of the FEW Pioneer-brand receivers that can decode it. Best leave it on PCM (for 2 channel) or Dolby Digital 5.1(for 6 channel).