connectivity disparities by location, system, connection type and so forth

Okay, I do not want fanboys getting on here saying im wrong.  Be a fan elsewhere.  

We all know that there is a latency issue on xbl.  More so on the xb1 then the 360.  All data is handled by the microsoft servers then passed on to its intended targets be it a game, website, or host.  A game like CoD hits atleast 3 relays points,  xbl server, games server, then host server, before it return to you in the exact eame manner.  Each point takes about 1-3ms to process the information and pass it off.  The distance between these points add to the ms latency depending on how far it travels.  Now my tablet im using pings from east to west with 16ms latency, where as my xbox one pings at 102ms in best case scenario.  Where is this discrepancy arising from?  

We all know from CoD's kill cam how much latency, or otherwise know as lag affects a game. It always sucks to empty a clip into a person just to have then turn sit down move 3 inches to the left, run 4 feet and knife you, while you actually only fire 1 bullet beside him according to the kill cam.  The kill cam is what really happened.  Your information arrived later then his did so you shot at a ghost image so to speak.

Okay im rambling here.  If you guys can, do two tests for me.  One from the xbox one settings, and one from another device.  The second device select a server near washington state, Oregon,  or California.   Please post those here including your location, server location, isp provider, wether its wired of wireless, and if you have alot of devices running during the tests.  

If you have a cross country connection and your latency for xbl is lower then 75-40ms kimdly share the hardware you are using as in router and modem.

I maybe a nice guy and give a free $10.00 ms point card to a random person.  

Fyi I love the system, hate the latency it brought.


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Op who is your ISP?

We "all" do not know there is a latency issue on xbl....but thanks for speaking for everyone. Your tablet is not an xbox one, nor is it doing the same instruction routine, so using that as a comparison does not give a fair measure. Good luck with your "experiment". Also, you do know that COD is a mix of dedicated and listen servers?

I have the same problem with cod and I live in Nevada. I've been having this problem since the first black ops though.  Mw2 was perfect for me as far as multiplayer as I always destroyed everyone I played in free for all. I think its Activision specifically.

Sorry lol. My isp is comcast.  I pay for the higher end package that give 30up and 8 down or some crap like that.  I have the default router they give which is an open router, which means it doesnt process information so it doesnt cause latency.  Wired through a belkin router, and wired through to my XB1.  

Yes I know about the CoD servers, which was never supposed  to be.  It was marketed as dedicated servers yet were still hosting and experiencing heightened latency on top of normal (dare I say) latency.

my laptop pings Xbl much faster then my XB1 using the same pathways.

lets get some info rolling so we can better this painful experience!

MlYes its well known because MS has announced its working with comcast to fix some issues, what issues I do not know.  As for common knowledge read the forums here and on other gaming sites.  We are on par with psn by a few peoples opinions.  I wouldnt know because I buy American.

COD plays fine for me on xbox one and I live in MD. You are bordering on delusional with this theory and the other thread you made yesterday.

I've had 5 different cable internet providers in 3 different states over the past 15 years and running trace routes and speed tests I was seeing about 20ms at best, so I have a hard time believing you are getting 16ms from one coast to another. And it is not just 3 relays you're data is hitting, most likely taking 10-15 hops just to get to the servers, your latency is mostly being caused by one of those hops which is completely out of MS control. I personally have not had any lantecy issues, and have not read any articles saying there is an issue.

Yes apparently Comcast and x1 are having some big issues. Could be the case for you op.

[quote user="CornBeeflt"]We all know that there is a latency issue on xbl.[/quote]I've not seen any advisories stating that.[quote]All data is handled by the microsoft servers then passed on to its intended targets[/quote]That's not how Live works. Live is not a proxy server for all traffic to/from either the 360 or the Xbox One consoles.[quote]Fyi I love the system, hate the latency it brought.[/quote]Then open a support ticket and have it escalated.

OP can you post your connection speeds from "settings, network, details". My lag is the same on my XB1 and 360.  I did have sever lag with COD before and after running the multi-player test under XB1 settings, it reset my setting and the lag went away.