Connection problems but can't tell if its my Internet provider or the xbox? Help!

Ok, so I finally got gold membership and xbox live was working perfectly. Then 2 to 3 weeks ago, xbox live just became dumb.

1. Singing takes forever with slight chance of freezing

2. Once I join a online game, my character flips out be jumping to opposite points on map and people would see me totally fine

3. If I leave and do single player exact same thing in #2

4. Go back to dashboard, xbox live is disconnected but I'm still signed in.

5. Reconnect and it happens all over again

So, I looked up the different error codes I got (5 of them), tryed the solution they gave, but none worked.

I checked the error status report and looked for something with same or similar and tryed what worked for them but still didn't.

Now I'm starting to think its the xbox cause nothing is working. I'll give the error status code but if I get the same answers you usually get if u get an error (clear system cashe, disconnect the wires and plug back in) cause I already tryed those, then tell me if anybody got the same problem and how you fixed it or also have it.







Q: 8015-100C

T: Wireless




Modem: SB5120

Router: Cisco Valet


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