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Been having connection and lag problems on counter strike but im now having trouble on BF3 losing connection to ea servers not being able to get in a game and lag something ive never had on BF3 also MW3 even lost connection though i can play halo reach no problem.Ive tried wireless which is around 6mb (tested on laptop)and 3mb through powerline adapter anybody know whats happening as ive never had this before (ive only noticed it since counter strike) ive tried all the turning stuff off etc and deleteing stuff but nothing works.Help please


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Its probably the beta messing things up.

Sounds like a router problem, the powerline adapter (homeplugs) should give you faster speeds than your wireless. Try turning your router off for a few mins and try again. if not then call your internet provider and ask them to check your phone line.

Its that rubbish CS its going to bring about the end of xbox with its infectious horrible game ending lag pffttttt

u would know silverman