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My ISP ruled out that it's them.  So my question is can a bad or failing hard drive in my xbox  cause me to experience pauses while playing online as games are installed to the hard drive.  Eventually I'll get disconnected from the server but remain connected to xbox live.  I can immediately due a speed test and get 20 ping 18mb down and 1.5mb up.  When I say lag I mean like in Battlefield 3 everything will freeze and then start moving again all of this is done online.


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Sounds like a laggy connection. There are a lot of things that can cause that.  Latency to the server your on, Web traffic in general. Interference, etc, etc.


If your only experiencing a prob online with BF3, I would say your hdd is ok.

Actually it's any multiplayer game.  All Speed test ping tests line tests check out.

That doesn't mean you won't experience any lag. Are you by chance picking servers to play on that are far away from you?

Well in bf3 I got the p8ng icon by server browser and they all show full and Cal of Duty picksatches for you.

Dang phone typing.  Basically BF3 I go to server browser and try to stick to top 10 as I assume those are best connections.  In Call of Duty it handles the matchmaking and no matter what I get lag and then disconnect.  ATT says everything on me end looks good.  I don't know what else to do.

You running wirelessly?