Connection Failiure

I appear to be having issues connecting to the network my Xbox 360 is hooked up to. Merely a day earlier it was working like a charm. A power surge earlier that day might have fried the Ethernet connection, but I'm not certain. Here's an error status report if it helps:

W: 0000 - 000B

X: 4000 - 1001

Y: 0000 - 0000

Z: 0000 - 0000

ID 0001 - 0002

L: 0015 - 10FL

Q: 8007 - 0435

T: Wired




The AT&T U-verse cable box right next to the console is also not connecting to the network, although the rest of the cable boxes in the house do work, so I believe this issue ties to both of these systems, as the cable box may also be connected through Ethernet cable. 

Also, I couldn't find help from any of the given solutions; my modem is assumed built into my router. The wireless network connection works just fine, but I am unable to join parties and accept friend requests, which is why I am trying to remain with the Wired connection. Does anyone know a possible solution to this issue? I'd be very grateful.


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