Connecting Xbox to Xbox Live through a TP-LINK PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter

Hello all, 

Yesterday my Xbox wireless hardware stopped working on my Xbox One, Giving me a error message telling me to send the Xbox in for repair. (Anyone Had this before as well?) Randomly started happening after getting disconnected from XBL, The guy on the phone which was very helpful told me he has never heard of such a problem with the consoles before. After spending half an hour on phone to the help services I was told 5 weeks for a repair... Not up for that lol! So i bought a pair of these TP-LINK PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter  to run my connection from my Virgin Home Hub downstairs through the mains line and into my room using a Ethernet cable into the Xbox, Anyone else using these? Does it work fine? Lagging? Disconnections? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

Please feel free to post, Many Thanks :) 


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I've had this a couple of times mate, dont worry it's not your router or the wireless adapter in the xbox, and you don't need to send it in for repair. the fix that's worked for me is to power down keeping finger pressed on power button untill it goes off. disconnect power cable from both console and wall socket. if you have an external drive disconnect this also. wait until the orange light on shock box goes off. connect power back on to xbox plug back in wall and start it up. if you can, have it connected to router by cable. go to network settings, test the network connection, if problem hasn't been resolved you'll get same wireless msg even if its wired connection. if it say all's ok then reconnect the external drive, wait until msg pops up saying storage is ready, then run network test again.  if you start getting msg regularly when only connected wireless, then try keep it wired for a week, before trying again. hopefully this will solve your problem with only minimal disruption to your gaming

Hello thanks for the reply,

Powering down the Xbox and taking out power cable is what the guy on the phone told me to do, That worked until I tried going into a online game was not able to find a match and was disconnected before I did. Also I don't understand the last bit of your message mate? I have it wired now with the PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter but I will try it next week without it and see if that works, Cheers for your help man!

Also anyone wondering if the LINK PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter's worked? Yes they did, No lag or any disconnection very good bits of kit! Would still prefer wireless tho :/ lol


did you get the message saying hardware broken send in to get repaired after trying to connect to an online game?if not that message, that sounds like more of a nat issue, best advice i got to fix nat was. take console out of instant on, if its set that way. go to network run test multiplayer, then when finished press LB LT and RB RT, this fixes nat issues i get , but i do have to do it a lot. an sorry for not saying what i meant properly regards a wired connection, i did mean directly into the router, i've only ever tried power adapters once and found them very difficult keep settings, but been told this may have been due to some bad wiring in house.  i hope you get it sorted mate, nothing worse than miles of ethernet cables all over the house.  

Thank you mate appreciated, I have got round not having wiring all round my house now with the power links. Still want to use wireless and keep getting same message :/

Another thing, roughly how long does your Xbox take to turn on lol? Mines started taking around 2 minutes on just the Xbox One screen before getting to dashboard!

Cheers mate

if i do a hard reset it can take a couple of minutes, but just turning it off then on again is almost immediate, ill do a little tester today and leave my box on wifi connection to see if i get the broken adapter message. ill get back to you later.