Connecting xbox 360 controller for use on PC

So i went to gamestop to look for a wired controller so i could use it on the pc the guy handed me one and told me all i had to do was plug it into my computer and  it would work so not knowing anything about it i said ok...when i get home and plug it into my pc it tels me to enter the installation disk...i dont have an installation disk! is there anyway to get around it or do i have to go back to gamestop and ask them or a disk or do i not have the right controller


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Go to and download the driver.

Install the driver, then plug in your Xbox360 controller.

You should be good to go!  That site also has a quick-start guide if you need it.

Hope that helps.

There is another option, if you already own an Xbox 360 wireless remote, The Xbox Wireless Gaming Reviver for Windows. I know it works for controllers, and maybe even the wireless mic (this I am not sure of).

You can get it HERE. I know also awhile back Best Buy was offering both that receiver and a controller in the same package.

I heavily recommend the wireless receiver, on more than one occasion i have had to repair/replace an U.S.B. port on my computer because of controllers. Good luck and let us know how it goes! Glad someone else loves the 360 controller so much they are using it elsewhere. Really a solid piece of hardware.

I have a wireless controller and the PC recognizes "Xbox 360 controller via play & charge kit" however when I launch a game like Halo 2 Vista nothing happens. Pressing the middle button just turns on my Xbox in the next room. Am I missing anything? Thanks.

[quote user="Rotten Tanuki"]I have a wireless controller and the PC recognizes "Xbox 360 controller via play & charge kit"[/quote]That's just for charging. There's no data sent over the Play & Charge cable. You'll either need a Wireless Gaming Receiver, or a wired controller.