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Simple question really how do you connect your turtle beach to the xbox one? I'm currently using the turtle beach X12's and i have no idea how to get this working i'm talking about just getting game chat, im not interested is voice chat just yet. In the past i've used the component red and white cables through my 360 but i'm really confused as to what im doing wrong on the XBOX ONE i know this maybe a stupid question but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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new turtle beaches come out in feb, haven't tried my old one


I believe to use any headset that doesn't have surround sound or can't be hooked up to the optical port in the back of the X1 would need an RCA to optical converter to use.

Try using one of the USB ports on the console for the power as you did before and connect the black audio pin for the TBs to your TVs headphone socket if you have one , that should work  (scratches his head) but like said above you will probably loose the surround sound but it may get you somewhere ? let me know how it goes it would be interesting to see. But dont worry an adapter is in the making :)   due to the different connections  

Thanks for the messages guys unfortunately i've tried doing the above without any success, i guess the question im asking is how have you guys set yours up (if you have)?

Tried to hook up my Razer Chimaera 5.1 through digital and no sound at all... :(

My old ear force one works fine, no chat though


How have you got the old Ear force ones set up pal ? it may give a hint for his Turtle Beaches

The Xbox may not be detecting the connection or some communication error may be occurring.  I'm not too sure what you can do yourself to fix the issue other than contacting the Microsoft Support team.

I am currently using the X12s with the Xbox One and I've been able to get game audio through without using anything other than what comes with the X12s.

1. Plug your X12 USB into a USB port on your Xbox One console, or anywhere you can that is a power source (laptop, phone charger plug, etc.)

2. Plug the green cable that you get with your X12 into the audio out port on your TV, it may be found near the RGB input slots, mine was below the yellow, red, white slots on the side of the TV.

3. You do NOT need to plug in the red and white audio cables that are attached to the X12s into the TV, leave them out, also leave the pink wire out.

This should be working now as it did for me.

Hope it's helpful!

I had to change the optical audio out option on the Xbox One settings to "stereo" in order for my Turtle Beaches to pick up audio via optical...