connecting and transferring to new xbox...

hi all please correct me if im wrong but ive brought a new xbox elite and tranfser cable i was just wondering how do i go about moving everything over to this new xbox from my old console. im guessing its simply...

Disconnect the old xbox, remove the hard drive, Plug new one in, Attatch hard drive to transfer cable then a prompt message will come up on screen asking me to transfer data?


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While since I did it but yes pretty much as I recall.  

Thanks mate hope its nice and simple really cant be botherd returning from work and being sat in front of TV trying to sort it out for hours on end.

Actually just another thought but will my HDMI cable from my old console fit into the New Elite system?


Do you mean the xbox s - if so then yes it is a simple as you presume (I had a little confusion over wether to download my profile first or transfer it but it was still simple enough in the end), you wont need the disc which comes with the cable (or used to?).


Im pretty sure Elites are produced anymore?


Why buy an Elite rather than an Xbox s? Do you prefere the old shape? i am just being nosey as i own a Premium, elite and the new s and the new s is easily the best console.

thats what i mean KALEEF ive brought the slim version