Connecting an old 360 AND my PC to one Monitor

Dear god I think my brain is going to explode.  Alright, I have an old school 360 (no HDMI out).  I have an HPw2207h monitor, with my PC tower plugged into the VGA input at the base of my monitor.  (Link to the monitor on Amazon: )


Due to spacing issues around my desk and where I do all my stuff, my TV sits somewhat far away, and thus when playing my Xbox, certain things are a bit hard to see.  I read that's it's possible to plug your 360 into your monitor, and that's what started the headache.  What I want to do, is have both my PC and my Xbox hooked up to my one monitor.  I'll need to be able to switch back and forth, or have the 360 take priority when it's one .. either way.  But due to my setup, unplugging the cables to my monitor every time is not an option.


I'd originally thought I'd just go HDMI to HDMI, but after taking a harder look at my 360, and finding it doesn't have one .. I really don't know what to do from here.  I thought I'd look for some sort of a splitter with a switch, but everything I'm finding is just confusing me more.  


I'm not 100% sure if I'm looking at needing a 2 to 1 male to female, or the other way around. I thought at first that I needed two females to 1 male .. but that's not a switch, that's just some cords and it's talking about running two monitors off one computer. So, it seems that since I'm doing the opposite, I need something that'll take two inputs, and give me one output I can switch back and forth between, like this:



or this vastly cheaper option:



What's confusing me, is that doesn't seem to jive with pictures I'm seeing of the Xbox 360 vga cable.



(Note for this part, when referring to "the two" or "the one" I'm specifically talking about the end that has either TWO of the same ports, or the ONE that's different)  According to that picture, I need to put that into one of the two. So the two, need to be something you put something into, where the 1 (in the 2 to 1) needs to be something that comes out. From what I'm seeing though, the one with the two that go in, is the cord, not the switch, and that seems totally backwards. Am I just reading this wrong?


Any help would be vastly appreciated.  I'm unfortunately at the limits of my technical know-how (which really I reach when I'm pulling something out of the box).


My thanks to anyone who can help shed light on this really messed up situation.



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It's the second 'vastly cheaper option' that you need to go for.  I know, I have one, it may be made by someone else.  Here is mine.  Yes, its rather ugly and looks like a computer peripheral from the 1990's, but it does the trick. 


Once you have the switch box all you need is another VGA cable.  This third cable goes from the monitor to the switch box, into the I/O port (the one in the middle).  You then simply add the PC to either port A or B and do the same with the 360 VGA cable, then simply flick the rather ugly switch to swap between PC and 360.


Hope that helps.

They do make a HDMI adapter for the 360, my buddy owns one. Not sure if it is made by MS but he has had no complaints. I will try to find a link and post it for you.

Edit: here it is. It's made by Madcatz but I'm sure other companies make it too.

i wouldnt suggest buying a madcatz hdmi over a m$ one,theyre made slightly cheaply.

To bad the old forum is gone. I had a sweet how to for you. But anyways go get yourself a KVM switch.  You have to watch out for the resolutions. This one has 2048 x 1536, DDC2B. Witch is a little more then you need. But it will work.

If you need more help with it. Please feel free to send me a PM. I have been there and done that.

Yeah a KVM switch either with a built in or a keystroke switch is what you want. Plus with a USB keyboard you can use it to type on the 360 and bring up the guide with the windows key.

Doesn't really matter all that can be done with it. It just has to have high resolutions. When I was looking and testing KVM switch's out there. Anything less will not work. What you'll see is a low color screen on the Xbox dashboard and then it will turn off. If you wish to have all the best stuff with your KVM switch. I know now you can find one that you can Copy and paste from one hard drive to another. But really I don't think you'll need that. Plus this IOGear one, cost lest then 50 bucks.  

How you doing with this Nytewalkyr.

Okay, so .. yeah.  I decided against a switch, but went with upgrading my existing Xbox to an Elite with HDMI since my Monitor has an HDMI in.  Unfortunately, I went with a crappy "HDMI" cable that cost a whopping 8 bucks.  Needless to say, the picture is horrible.  The best I could do was grab some shots with a digital camera and put them on Flickr.

So now my question is this .. if i upgrade my HDMI cable to the actual Xbox HDMI cable .. will it clear up the screen?  Or is there something else going on?  

A further question .. if I'm running an HDMI Cable from my Xbox to my monitor .. where do i get my Xbox sound from now?

So I'll take it your not  Playing. So I'm going to say all I know. Yes Maybe try a new HDMI cable. Keep the Receipt and return if it doesn't work.  Check your setting of your screen and make sure they are the same in your Xbox settings.

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