Conflict between Comcast box and Xbox One Guide

The Xbox One is working beautifully, except whenever I select a TV program to watch from the Xbox One Guide, it stays on the same channel but tells the cable box to bring up a Comcast guide channel that lists all of the digital music stations. It's an older Motorola box, probably from 2008. For some reason, Kinect is not communicating properly with the cable box. It communicates with all other devices just fine. I've already gone through the setup twice. I figure going through he hassle of trading in the Moto for a new box might take care of the problem. Anybody else having this problem? Any thoughts?

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I actually inputted the Motorola model number during setup, but looked up the model number from my online Comcast account. (It's not on the front of the unit).  I suppose it's possible they gave me a different box at some point and didn't update their records.

If you just leave it as comcast box though it will automatically enter the model number based on what it senses. Mine is Samsung but it sensed the wrong model number and it won't find the correct one.

Vexed, please check the time stamps of the thread before posting. ;)

No model number on the bottom or back of the unit?

May want to just call comcast and tell them to swap you a new box.  After 5 years, probably be faster and have a larger hard drive too.

I have it with a Samsung box (model SMT-H3362) and if you go into manually edit it, it probably won't find the EXACT model number, which is what it needs. That's my guess, and I'm hoping they get it fixed (add support for more boxes). Until then, I'll be watching through the regular TV because I don't want my Xbox to have to be running to watch TV if I can't use the features of it.

Let me add that it DOES recognize my cable box when it's off or on (aka it will say it lost the signal when I turn it off, and I can see it when it's on), but I can't use voice controls or the controller to navigate my cable box. I have to use the remote that came with the cable box. So, it's not completely unrecognized by the Xbox, but right now it's basically just running the audio/video through the Xbox without the ability to use the Xbox and its TV features.

Here's the solution, in case anyone has the same problem and comes across the thread. In identifying the cable box during xb1 setup, you just need to enter comcast and then select automatic (detection). This took care of all my problems right away.  I feel foolish that I didn't do this right off the bat, but I felt that inputting a box brand, plus the model number, was the best way to go since it provided the most info. And it did feed a picture to xb1. But it's the wrong way to go.

Yep, I checked. It's the right model number. Once I finish watching my

DVRed  Agents of Shield, I'll call Comcast and try to switch to something newer.

You might want to get a new cable box...but if you want to try, here is a link telling you how to preform a power  cycle

It works great with my comcast dvd box. I didn't enter the box model number I just left it as a "comcast" box and I can do all voice commands, the guide works, voice channels work. Volume up and down works. TV on and off works. Haven't really figured out how to get the dvd to work yet tho.