Condemned 2

I'm just about to start this game and was wondering if there were any sneaky achievements I should look out for, or are they more or less self explanatory from one run through the game.


Thanks in advance


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Not sure if it's been patched but make sure you save and quit to the menu before exiting to the dashboard. There is a bug that corrupts your save if you don't. I found this out near the end of the game and haven't played it since.

Cool thanks for the info guys.  Think Im gonna crack on with it tonight :) Ill let you know about the online side of things =)

If i remember correctly there are a lot of online acheivements and the online game modes are very poor the second condemned is not even close to being as good as the first but if you need anybody to lep out with the multi player cheevo's hit me up im always up for mopping up achievements from older games i still have,the game campaign is pretty good though not as good as the 1st but its in the ball park only thing that annoyed me was needing to drink alcohol to stop your shakes cos your an alcoholic and when you need to fire a gun and your shaking its near impossible

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I think you're best off checking out a site like or just to watch out for missable achievements.


Both sites are reliable and many Forum members are active on both sites.


Don't let it stop you enjoying the game by spoiling things, but just check to be safe.



I'm pretty sure the first is more expensive than the second.

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I was looking at this in Game, was quite cheap if i remember? Whats it like?


It's not as good as the first one. The revamped combat was only added so they could implement the multiplayer. Which in my opinion was not needed. I got quite bored of it very fast and traded it in. Where as the first one I played through once, then started again (rarely do this with any game).

I was looking at this in Game, was quite cheap if i remember? Whats it like?