concearns about xbox live while playing online

May i ask if microsoft is going to do anything about people mistreating others i mean this is not cool at all .This all started on call of duty black ops me like other players are there to have fun and injoy the game not hear people calling u a honky or the (N)WORD not just that  some of thease young kids go in to your profile and and make up crap about u and give u bad rep just because they dont like u.this aint the first time all the game stops i been to in connecticut always the same talk how call of duty a great game but how people get treated on there as soon as it was released i want to know how in the hell are the players at lv 50 etc on release date mods maybe? dont microsoft see this????.


I just dont understand how can u injoy a game if u have people harrassing you calling u names and then giving u bad ep just because they dont like how u play the game.I spoke to a few players they had bad internet connection so they checked there profile and went in seen they had bad rep and was reported for what they got disconnected from the server lost that game not there fault but yet thease othere players dont give a crap.I know thease people that told me what happen they never abused the xboxs live i dont even abuse it.But yet you have kids at 8 years old swearing threating to cap other players acting as there from a gang from the ghetto.Microsoft u realy need to inforce the tos and have people check out some of thease games way to much crap going on.Al they told me is take the gt and screen shot u cant take a screen shot while playing the game or while every ones talkingunless i take my camra take pic that way.




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Block your communication settings to "Friends Only". Here is a nice pretty guide on that   Simple as that.  

All I can say it is reality and they cannot enforce the ToS/CoC over the entire network at once.

Report the GTs that are breaking the CoC and let the Enforcement Team do their job.  But give it time because it's not an automatic system.  XBL/MS can not change the way others act online but they can do something, if they're reported.

We have been given the tools, its up to us to use them.... Report, Block,Avoid, Move on and enjoy gaming!

We'll said Nik!

Mute is also your friend.