COMPLETELY NEW ! Need Basic Feedback / Tips.

Whatsup my name is Sean, I am new to the MS / XBox 360 community. I just recently bought a replacement console after buying a complete Xbox from my cousin's boyfriend. I am now trying to initially set up wireless connections and LIVE service and what not. I have run into a bit of confusion along the way and I hope some of you can assist.

Issue #1

     Setting up wireless connection to my home PC (running Windows 8 32 Bit): It seems as though there is an issue when trying to actually link the console to my home PC. I have turned on home network sharing for all devices and yet I continue to receive error messages from my console upon setup.

Issue #2

     Streaming music, video and online content: I have learned at this point that a GOLD membership is required in order to perform many of these awesome experienced on my Xbox 360 Slim (250 gb) console. Netflix, Hulu etc - however I am also finding it extremely difficult in Windows 8 to sync my console to the PC via "Video" app and the other lame apps in MS WIN 8 that are supposed to help - but seem to make it all harder.

Issue #3

     Transferring account association to my new profile: This one is the most technical of the lot and I spent about an hour online with Xbox support to resolve the "issue" What I have here is an issue, my email address associated with my operating system sign in and all apps applicable to the Xbox console are linked in with my previous "set up" process to the console that I bought in Sept 2012, the same console that I literally threw in the trash (*** roach infested, wires all destroyed inside). Microsoft tech support advised that in 30 days time due to security purposes, I can update and change the email address associated with the account that I am logged into now to write this. I found that a bit ... insane but I won't dispute the verdict.

In conclusion: I need basic setup tips for windows 8 dummies, as I recently updated from XP over to the new OS and I now don't know what I am doing - -  or how to join the Xbox 360 gaming experience in full (net connection, file sharing etc) How do I set myself up ???


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Is Discovery a program or an app that I download on my A) computer or B)Xbox ?

if discovery don't work I can walk you through the process.

It's somewhere in your computer network settings , google is your best bud .

do you have network discovery enabled?.... Yes gold is required but you can stream music and video from live on your pc too with that account...You should be able to change your email through or just change your windows 8 email id/logon to your xbox live email