I have a complaint against a player that created a sub account about me:

Gamertag: [Mod Removed]

As you see by looking over this tag that it starts off with my tag Krixus. This person has been harassing me and my family with this tag and has also sent my wife [Mod Removed]any hate messages calling her names, she also filed complaints on the tag. This person has already been suspended on their main tag which is [Mod Removed], so now he has made this sub account to do more cyberbullying against me and my family. I've filed numerous complaints against this tag not to mention the fact that he's got my personal info on it. He leaves this tag hosting all night long on RE5 and does not start any matches, he just leaves it to advertise this tag against me. Please suspend this tag. If you cannot suspend this tag, I will have no choice but to taken legal action. This is cyberbullying and it is against the law. Thank you for your time.


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Sorry but you were misinformed. The Forums are not for "calling out" other Players Profiles. All you need to do is File a Complaint on a Player you believe has violated the ToU/ CoC and if necessary adjust your Privacy Settings.

No I wasn't misinformed. How many more complaints can I file before something can be done? I've had numerous friends file and even non friends file complaints and still nothing has been done. I'm at my whits end with this. Adjusting privacy settings will only help in communication, but won't stop this tag from being displayed with personal information. It's against the Code of Conduct if I recall.

Only 1 complaint will do and it will be noted by the Enforcement staff. They deal with 100s of complaints everyday but they do investigations before taking action. Please be patient and they will get to your complaint. Don't spam the file complaint system or they will punish.

When you or your wife receive messages which breach the code of conduct, file a complaint and block communications from the person sending the messages.


If this person wants to pay for an Xbox live subscription solely to put that tag out there without actually playing any games, they are putting a lot of effort and mone into this. TBH I think the best thing you can do is just let me get on with it and ignore them.


If you have them blocked and muted and set as an avoided player, it isn't that difficult to avoid them on Xbox Live.


Rise above it and enjoy your own gaming experience.

Just an extra note.  If you are feeling bullied/harassed/stalked by this person, remember to contact your local law enforcement agency to investigate as well.