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I would say this is just me, but Playstation and Nintendo do not have this issue and I am pretty ticked at the whole x-b0x company right now. Since I can't seem to get my point across otherwise I thought I'd post the issues I was having here. It's the whole x-box gold thing. You have to pay money to actually use your system ( a system you possibly paid a lot for ) just to go online. Neither Playstation nor Nintendo charges you to do things like Netflix and such. So why should X-Box? It really makes no's like one restaurant offering you a glass of water for free and another charging 20 bucks a glass. So which would you pick? Obviously the free. If they can let you go online for free then why is it only X-Box that charges. Do they really think their customers are stupid? I'm sorry but this is an issue I just can't grasp. How other systems can offer the same thing for free and one has to charge. Do they not even realize they are the only ones charging?


Not trying to get in a fight with anyone. If you like unnecessarily spending money that's your business. But at the same time I feel like I should be able to express my distaste with their business practices as well.


If anyone agrees with me it's fine, if you don't it's fine as well. I don't even mind if you say you don't agree, just don't come on here trying to start an argument. Let's all be civilized here ok? :)


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Like you say you have the choice and its not like its a hidden charge. To use your analogy of the restraunt If the charges were listed at the door and pointed out to every customer before the enter then the customer has there choice to stay or go.

I would go to the restaurant that sells the water for $20 knowing the people who want the "free" water won't be there.

Good point lost

Also playstation charge for online play now

That may be so now but you dont need to pay if you play offline nor want to watch netflix.

LostKause- I would go to the restaurant that sells the water for $20 knowing the people who want the "free" water won't be there.

 I know it's off-topic, but I'm dying to read your explanation.

They do so as a form if making money.