Companian's Guild Levelling Hinderance.

Ok, so I joined the Companians Guild, and I was given a quest by Farkas to go and kill a leader in Shimmerest Cave, The quest is called trouble In Skyrim. Now, this Is Near Impossible To Complete As A Level 3, yet I cant pick another radiant quest for the companians (such as kill 1 animal) as when I talk to Aela , she says are you not doing a quest for Farkas? come back later. Now, its going to be a long time before I can kill that Guy along with his metal friend, and to complete at least the first main mission of the companians guild, I need to complete a Radiant Quest, Does anyone have any tips for me? help would be appreciated thanks, as this stupid 19.99 guide is crap at telling me what to do when this happens. Why would they chuck in a quest like that right at the start?


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Go level up doing other stuff? Lower the difficulty level?

I must of been lucky, my missions for them involved punching a couple of people.

Find some help? I've had a couple of followers so far, one through the story and one through a quest, they can help give you that extra edge, though generally my current character prefers to travel alone, but they can certainly give you an edge or complement your skills.

Or just be patient, you level up freakin' quickly, just make sure you put your perk points into stuff that's going to be most helpful for what you want to do next (while obviously considering for the future).

Yeh my first companion was lydia for becoming a thane but now travelling up with farkas to become a "sheild brother"