Communications problem

This is what someone from Microsoft support messaged me; 

'Thank you for waiting one me Robert. As I checked on your profile, you were indeed placed on a suspension for a day from communicating. However, this actually got lifted indeed. But since you're still unable to communicate with your friends from a real-time voice conversation, I will need to document this on your profile for you. I will be giving you an incident number and we need to ask you to post from our Forums website to get a hold of our Enforcement Team for this and they will sort this out right away Robert. Would you consider this? Also, please make sure that you will tag your post with the incident number I will be giving you so our Enforcement Team will be able to check on this for you and make sure every restrictions are properly lifted.'

The problem is that I go into a party, I speak and they cannot hear me even though the circle lights up to indicate that I am talking. Therefore it seems the problem is that the suspension has not been fully lifted properly, therefore could I ask you to lift it properly? Thank you. 

Incident number: [ Removed by Mod]


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Enforcement forums are here

Despite what you were told you are not allowed to post reference/incident numbers on the foorums

She was specific about me including the incident number, what should I do now?? Go to the link you provided and post the same thing?

Go to the link I provided but do not post the reference number.

Unfortunately most phone/chat support have no idea how the forums work,the reference number you were given is for phone/chat support only & nothing to do with the forums.

How do I know when they have fixed the problem? Who fixes it, the enforcement team? Have you ever seen this type of problem before?

Seen it a few times,sometimes it's down to privacy settings so check that on your console,other times it's due to the person having a longer suspension than they thought or they have been issued with another suspension.

Can you send messages ?

I don't think that is the problem because I can send messages and go on Skype. Any other ideas? The Xbox support person seemed to think that they had not taken all of my ban off or something had gone wrong doing it.

If you can send messages & use Skype then the suspension has been lifted..

It might me a NAT issue so check that it's open.

It's definitely not a NAT issue. it says its open and it always has been.  

Only other thing I can think off is that your controller may need an update

 Also try a hard reset on your console by holding down the power button on the front for about 10 seconds,unplug It from the mains then replug it in after about 3 minutes & boot it up again.

 If none of that works then maybe post in the enforcement forums & see if your suspension was lifted properly,i don't see how it couldn't be though

ive been having the same problem for about 3 to 4 weeks now...

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.