Communication Ban for two weeks is absurd

Dear Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team,

I am writing to you to talk about how it is absurd that you give a 2-week communication ban for such a small encounter as "smack talk". You insisted on referring it as "harassment", but I am under serious presumption that you do not necessarily understand what specifically is considered "harassment". Here is a definition straight out of the dictionary: the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. Unless your premises of qualifying what is actually continuous, is a period that starts within a 2 minute or less conversation, then from a real life perspective this is completely ridiculous. There is no reason for you to give out such a harsh punishment for such actions. Here is a real life court case where in the legal eyes this case was dismissed because there was no sufficient involvement to be considered a continued process to be considered "harassment". DrinkWater v. Union Carbide Corp. 

My understanding is that I was wrong to use certain unnecessary langauge to the other individual but again your connotation of what you stated as my fault is not what was actually intended in the matter. For example in this response I was given as a rebuttal to my case review stated as such:

Hi ObamaWeed, thanks for your inquiry. This account was issued a 1 week communication suspension for the abusive use of homophobic slurs directed at other Xbox Live users. While we appreciate your recognizance, Xbox Live is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, and no one should ever have to feel unsafe or threatened on the service. Every gamer should feel welcome, and that experience cannot be achieved if players are permitted to harass and abuse others. Even if the behavior was intended simply as smack talk, when such language is used in an attempt to abuse, demean, or otherwise cause genuine offense it’s no longer smack talk, but harassment. During this suspension the account may continue to access the Xbox Live service, including online multiplayer, but communications features will be restricted. This includes messaging, video communications, in-game and party chat, and Skype on Xbox One. At the conclusion of the the suspension all communication functionality will be automatically restored.

Whoever this individual is that wrote the feedforward to me I appreciate his or her input on the case and hearing me out, but he or she is wrong on several instances in this inquiry. First of all the most obvious one, is the communication ban is not 1-week communication ban, but a 2-week communication ban. Second of all, There is nothing,not even a remotely possible way you can give enough reason to derive,that what I said was for the intention of calling another person a homosexual. Even if my intentions of calling him a homosexual in a negative connotation were suggestive, for what reason am I intending it for on a gaming console? In addition, the individual wrote that my intended actions were qualified to be unsafe, threatening, and abusive. While I agree that my words were demeaning and were vulgar, but in no shape or form were they unsafe or threatening. 

As I understand that there was an issue of the Code of Conduct, it was not to the degree that you have put it to. I understand that some form of punishment is required for my misbehavior, so I urge you to reconsider my suspension to a reduced state. A 24 hour ban would be a perfect sufficient punishment. 

Thank you,

My GT is :Obamaweed  


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Well they should take a peek because there is a lot of information they are missing.

Like what?

Hmm Smack Talk, Daft Badger is a silly dirt rat who could not hit me if I stay still and he had a thousand noob tubes.

Harassment Daft badger you a BEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP  I BET you BEEP BEEP BEEP (insert other R rated words about his family. Then email him the same thing, and follow him from match to match saying the same thing.

Second and more important. THE criminal and  civil law does not apply here. You play using "xbox live" the company gets to set it own policy on what is smack talk (and not it not talking with you mouth full Sugar Smacks diggum), and what is harassment.

To be blunt , you do not have freedom of speech here or on live.

Thank you for your comment