Comming out of retirement

Used to run The imperial suspects for 2 years then we had a rename to Cursed Gaming Klan for a year or so then due to other commitments had to step back and couldnt put enough time into the management of the clan and we decided to close the clan begining of last year. we were always successfull in having a good time and was a dissapointment to close it met and still speak to some great people. im sure some of the older clans will remember us and hopefully vouch for the fact we were always a laugh win or loose.

dont game asmuch now as i would like but still love it when i get on im looking of comming out of retirement over the next month as i will have more time on my hands to get on but looking around not seeing all the familiar faces things seem to have changed soooooo much over the last couple of years on the clan front but im sure some old regulars around might remember me.

anyways see whats about at the mo and will hopefully catch up with some peeps over the next week or two please feel free to add me on xbl and hopefully get a game with some of you

i mainly play MW3 Gears 3 battlefield 3 although battlefield first time playing it and still learning so will deffinatly need a hand

also still play all the oldies and whatever games most people like really i rarely do campaigns and maily go straigh on to multiplayer although i should really revisit some old games and actually play the campaigns.


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good to see you coming out retirement gooman, long time no speak. if you are looking for a gaming community try, they are a good bunch of people.