Commercial/Advertisement Downloads

Just wondering...

Who I send the bill to for all the advertizing/commercial download in gigabytes?

Seeing how Internet providers CHARGE BY THE GIGABYTE, and I did not permit these downloads...

Who's gonna pay for them?


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just block them in the router, i have and i have also blocked facebook, and any square that shows facebook is blank.

Why do you have internet that charges by usage?  

i hate to break it to you, but the advertising doesn't use a whole lot of bandwith, especially if you're not viewing the videos or anything of that nature.  And when i say not a whole lot, i'd have to imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of 500kb each.

What IP do u have sucks to have to pay by usage ?

I couldn't agree more there...

Pretty much what I've had to do... thing is, why should I have to?

You know the address to block JUST the facebook adverts? Thats cool! lol...

B.I.O.N., I've had this conversation before with MSN chat representatives for the same cause. I believe they saw it my way, and finally decided to click buttons on thier end and the adverts stopped appearing in my MSN, thus no longer wasting more of my bandwidth than the chat was.

same applies here...  The adverts are using more bandwidth than I am in chat (text or voice) or the games that I play.

As to the 500k per advert... multiply that by 8 menus...  then multiply that by 4 boxes per menu...  Were just up to 8Mb after turning the box on (Not to mention the delayed reboot because of it)... wait... and every few moments.... they all refresh... about once every 15 mins and we have  32Mn/hr...  leave your system idle overnight and its startting to add up...  All week, and your "inexpencive" options for internet are being rather constrained...  And you havn't even looked at any of the other options inside that are "refresh downloads" just cuz they changed graphics on the adverts... :D

 Just how much bandwidth is used during online game play compared to the adverts?

online gameplay can vary from 200Kbps down and 10Kbps up to a whopping 1Mbps down and 1Mbps up (sarcasm implied), online gaming can use more upload than download, the xbox is ideal for this because the updates are small, the ads on the dash don't use alot at all and none when in a game so you should have nothing to worry about.

The box/panel only shows a micro sampling of the full add which is why the full add doesn't play in the panel. Now if you Click on it, then yes it will stream the full add as your watching it.  The micro add you see playing in the panel is miniscule compared to the full thing. So... Don't click on the ads and you'll be fine. :) Cheers!

I think if you're stressing over the tiny lil ads that show up on the xbox, THAT is when you know you have a crappy internet plan.

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