Coming back to the console world

After a long Hiatus from console gaming (i have a gaming pc) I'm once again returning to the Xbox world on Wednesday next week....

It just seems the right time to go and play Xbox, being a pc gamer for the last two years I'm missing out on some great titles like the Forza series, Arkham knight and of course Halo, among many others.

It looks as though there is some great stuff coming and i want IN. Cant wait for MGS:PP. Plus you cant beat gaming on the couch. Pc gaming is good if not great, even now the pc i have can play all the games at high to ultra settings but now the xbox one to me looks like a decent purchase so im going to take the dive and go for it.

Now, my point of this conversation.

Does anyone know of any good deals for the xbox one...

Game seem to be all out of the Arkham and Witcher 3 bundles (i have witcher 3 on pc so not really bothered if i get that or not) I just want to walk in to a shop, get a couple of games (second hand maybe, forza 5) a play and charge kit and of course a decent bundle. 500gig console is just fine and ill add a external drive later on.

Also, has the new consoles got the Xbox pad and the 3.5mm headset jack, or are they not around yet.


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Forza 5 is worth picking up, you should be able to get it for under £20. Forza Horizon 2 is also worth picking up, though you'd be lucky to pick up a pre-owned copy for under £30.

EA Access is worth considering. £20 for a years membership, gives you access to Battlefield 4, NFS: Rivals, Titanfall, and FIFA, just to name a few. All full games, of course. More info on EA Access can be found here...

Then you have Microsoft's monthly offerings with their Games with Golds. A lot of people moan about the quality of the games that they offer, but I've no complaints. I mean, moaning about something you get for FREE!? C'mon... ;)

Tesco do the 500GB Xbone for just under £290, or they have the new 1TB Xbone for just under £350. Online retailers such as Amazon seem to do better deals, but that depends on whether or not you want to buy online.

As for the new controller, I think GAME should have that in stock. But don't quote me on that.