My English isnt my motherlanguage, but i hope u can help me

As I went to my BF's place 2 years ago (i mean living there), we both had an xbox360 but started playing only on one xbox. We just took one without thinking about whos it was, now i know it was the one of my BF. So i logged in with my Live account there, downloaded games there and stuff. And now i want to know, if I want to re-use my own Xbox, what changes if i transmit data from the BF's Xbox.

I used a USB harddisc, i transmitted downloaded games, my profile, and Savegames to the harddisc

I already transmitted the download games on my xbox and they work on my xbox, ive already tested it.

1.) Now i only want to know, if there is any reason i should also transmit my profile. Because on my xbox the file is 2mb, the "new" file on BF's xbox is also 2mb. Is there any licence info in it, or are both data all the same, cause you are always logged in with xbox live?

2.) And Second Question about Savegames is: I sometimes didnt log on my account to play games, now on savegames stands "savagame gameblabla from User BF"

If I transmit them on my Xbox, can I also use it with my account or just if i login with BF's Account?

3.) And last Question is about Licences, for what do I need them? In what cases? Do I have to allow them on my Xbox? Because I mean it isnt a new xbox, its still my old, my account didnt change, i just played for 2 years on BFs Xbox. I dont know what to ask, so you maybe know what i want to know. Is it necessary for anything? I know if I would activate the licence thing on my xbox I would need to login on my Live account and say yes to that licence stuff which can be given all 4 months.
 But I cant remember ever doing that on my BFs Xbox, but i could play and download all games I want, so what is licence for? O.o Is there any hidden secret?

Thanks for reading and answering!

GG Lupsi


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1.  You can download your gamertag to your console easily enough.  Go to Social>Sign In/Out>Download to download it to your console.  Licenses are always attached to your gamertag to ensure that you can play the content that you have purchased and downloaded.  The data should be the same no matter where you log in.

2.  So long as you used your gamertag when you played the games then you will be able to continue using the game saves that you have.  You cannot use game saves from another account.

3.  Licenses are provided to the gamertag for every item that you purchase on your gamertag.  When you get a new console or change consoles you should move the licenses over to ensure everyone on that console will be able to access and play the content.  Otherwise others will only be able to use it so long as your tag is logged in at the same time.  When licenses are moved to a new console they are removed from the old console as they can only exist on one system at a time.

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