College Netadmin: How do I make an academic network more XBL friendly?

Hello Xperts!  I am a college IT admin, and I am trying to help some frustrated Xbox users on our campus.  It seems that the best we can get is a few users on at once with Moderate NAT.  When the next person tries to get on, they fail, but they can get on if someone else disconnects.  All of the “certified” hardware seems to be consumer grade stuff like one might have at home.  Has anyone figured out a good way to get 10+ Xboxes to work simultaneously on an institutional network?  As with many mid-size networks, we have multiple VLANS coming into a core switch, which drops Internet traffic to a single NAT box.  Our NAT box is a basic Linux firewall distro configured to allow just about anything except running a mail server on campus (need to keep off those blacklists).  I have seen some info on UPnP, but I got the sense that a Linux router supporting UPnP must also be the DHCP server.  Is that correct?  Do we have any College/Uni admins here who can recommend a configuration that will allow a large number of Xboxes to connect over NAT?

Thanks for any tips!



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