Code problems for xbox

Okay I am now saying screw it I was talking to the support team for 2 hours almost and trying to fix a code that is showing up on my xbox. I can connect to xbox live but I cant play any games and they told me to open up the ports so I did and yet still nothing if you are gonna make me go on a goose chase and get no where fine i am about done with xbox I am going back to PC gaming and steam where they will help you and guide you through everything.


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Customer support doesnt like to help CHEATERS and LIARS.


Sorry, I just could't help noticing that label you have......   Please, Make like a tree and... Get out of here :) Nobody is stopping you.  GOOD LUCK!!!!

what the code

What specific issue are you encountering? I'd suggest posting in the Connecting to Xbox Live Support forum if you haven't had any luck with phone Support, a lot of people with a myriad of tech knowledge frequent that area.