Cod5 - 'virus' like hack - 3 days now

It's been hacked for at least 3 days now.

The thing appears to be spreading like a virus, after confronting someone about hacking he said he had no idea what I was talking about and that I was the hacker. I spoke to more gamers on there and it seems the same thing is happening everywhere.

It seems to be making everyone's names rainbow coloured and certain people un-killable with the ability to fly about.

Cmon Mircosoft, cod5 maybe old but it's a very very popular game. It wouldn't be to hard to turn on the xbox and ban hammer the hackers. For the first 2 days they had his name scrolling up the side of the screen saying he was a god [ top left corner ].

This is my favourite game, fix it please.

Oh and the new forum is terrible, just terrible.


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People are getting banned, basically everybody on the account suspention forum has been banned for something WaW related. From what I gather the whole game is FUBAR now, it's down to Activision/Treyarch to fix the mess and I don't think they give a damn to be honest.

I hate the way the CoD developers just seem happy to let their games turn to muck once the bucks are in.

And it's a shame if it's fubar now, that was my favourite CoD..

Are there any other ww2 games on the Xbox? (which aren't terrible)

How are you a cul 5 Sgt peppa posting uselessness like that.... Grow up.  


Cod WaW won't be fixed I don't think... shame.

But isn't there some legal binding that they have to fix it?

I pay £40 a year for this and that was one of my favourite games..

you raise an interesting point...wouldn't the developers have some kind of legal responsibility to ensure that the product (in this case the online multiplayer) is working as it should? is there possibly some kind of sale of goods act breach as it's not fit for the purpose it was made?

The sad thing is; is that the same mechanic behind the hack was used on MW2 about a year ago now.

Remember when everyone kept calling it the 'aids' virus? It was the thing which made everyone host matches on that tiny sandy map in some weird super-team-deathmatch with like 30 people playing.

A hack which is contagious and leaves the user unaware of their infection is something which is seriously worrying.

oh yeah.. it was on Rust... i think occasionally if you selected ground war it would randomly put you in a 9v9 or something similar team deathmatch on Rust which was proper small


without meaning to sound cliched it does go to prove that call of duty is now something that is pushed out and promoted every november... it rakes the money in and then no one from the developers/publishers side cares about it once their bank accounts have been filled and they each have gold toilet seats


it's really sad


what little knowledge i have of halo and bungie...from what i'm told by some friends who are seriously in to it that if anything is hacked on halo it's fixed quickly and the offending people are banned


shouldn't this be the way for all online FPS's ? especially if a company as big as activision are involved

The Halo Community is very different from the CoD community.. though they are both filled with annoying kids and shut ins the Halo community's shut ins and kids tend to like the calmer side of life and are less easily angered and full of ADD than the CoD community.

Just that slight difference changes everything.


(oh and I'm very tired so I'm going to bed now and can't post from my phone due to Microsofts appauling log in system -  night :33)

wont get fixed black ops is out and 3rch only care about that now oh blops 2 which they are deving now.

I tried playing it yesterday and as soon as the game started the other team had dogs and were invinsible. Apparently its the same on CoD4, If the problem isn't addressed then its as good as sold.

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