Cod: Modern Warfare

Just went on this today and omg. It no longer has hackers on it. Everyone plays fair sept snipers lol. Well done MS for updating the dashboard to stop jtags.


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cod4 is still full of hackers,they don`t even need jtags to do it.

as MW3 has been hacked a dashboard update will only hold hackers off for the 3 days it will take for some hacker to created a hack patch to stop Jtags being detected again. it won't have secured the game against hackers only Activision / infinity ward can do that and even now because security wasn't built in or there was an big security weakness in the game Mw3 will never be free of hackers entirely again

When you suspect someone is hacking 98% of the time "Modern Warfare 3" is not being hacked.


People are just unable to accept that someone is getting the better of them.


2% of the time you suspect someone is hacking in "Modern Warfare 3" it's fairly obvious (using a Killstreak Perk in a game of Barebones for example) so you just report the offender, hop lobbies if they're not smart enough to bail before they're reported by the entire room and play on.


In all the games of COD I've played we've been sure someone was cheating 3 times (for the example quoted above).


They've done a great job this time round.





Most of the time you feel cheated because the game engine is so poorly developed.


For example you have already ran past a wall,  yet on the killcam you aren't even at the wall yet.