CoD: Ghosts random disconnect issue

Morning all (well it was when I started typing),

Since getting my XBOne, I've been less than impressed with several aspects of networking and parties. I'm not sure why the made so many poor decisions (why does the party window 'snap' when I join a party, or why is party chat not on by default, for example) but anyway the real problem is with playing on Ghosts.

When I'm playing in a party I randomly get kicked out of the party and match with the error "You must have an active network connection to play XBox Live matches". It doesn't disconnect me from Live, it just kicks me from the party so it can't be an actual inactive connection. It's only me and one mate playing, we've never had issues playing anything on 360 and there's been no network or equipment changes on either end other than upgrading to the One. It happens at least once a night, and I just give up and watch TV if it does it a 3rd time in one session. It doesn't do it when I'm playing on my own, though that may just be a time-scale thing (I play a lot less frequently and for shorter periods when on my own).

XBox 'Detailed Network Statistics' says I have latency ~175ms (d/l ~12Mb, u/l ~8Mb), though I understand this is due to the test being done to Washington, USA. I thought maybe the network cable I was using had given up, but conencted to my laptop the connection is fine and other cables don't stop the error on the One. My latency through the dLAN powerline adapter I use can jump to 30ms when pinging my router on the laptop, but connecting the One wirelessly to the router doesn't lower the latency at all, and speeds are slower than when wired through dLAN.

I've played around with ports and settings on the router and both dLAN units, but nothing makes a difference. Same latency all the time and random disconnect every night. It's annoying to say the least and really making me want a PS4 now. Brand loyalty never did anyone any good, I've apologised to everyone I recommended get the One over a PS4 as everyone has had issues of some sort with this stupid glossy brick.

Also, while I'm ranting, the packaged headset is simply the worst thing of all time. And at least M$ were kind enough to use a proprietary connector so no aftermarket replacement can be used.

Anyway, if anyone knows what else I can try to get Ghosts working reliably or how to sort the stupid party defaults, let me know.




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