Cod Ghost Question

Since this will be my first game I am getting for the Xbox what game modes are you liking the most? And what ones are good EP? (besides SND)


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Squads mode is fabulous, and Search and Rescue is fun. The addiction levels of Infection remind me of COD 4's community mode Michael Myers.

Kill confirmed is good but I don't find it as fun as it was in Black ops 2. I'm not usually a fan of domination but I'm finding it fun in cod ghosts I would say it will be a lot of fun now when ground war is back.

I play SnD the most , then team death match and will play infected cause it's fun sometimes

Cranked is the best mode......EVER!!

Get a kill. You then have 30 seconds to get another one or you explode!

Highly addictive and eliminates the campers.

Before I can recommend anything, they need to fix the spawn points, especially on big maps. When you spawn you expect the enemy to be around the opposite side, or close to it, but no. Since a lot of maps are vertically large as they are wide, you will spawn beneath or on top of enemies. Oh, and when you do spawn, you might as well do a 180 and go that way because enemies spawn behind you, a lot.

How about Blitz? I thought it looked pretty fun on some videos I have seen