Coaxial Splitter question

Right now my main cable feed is split, one cable goes to my tvs upstairs, the other goes to my room where I keep my modem and my tv.  When it gets to my room, it's split again, one cable to the modem, the other to my cable box. 

Would I get better internet speed if I purchased a different splitter for my cable?  I wasn't sure how much of an increase in speed I'd get by changing splitters - if I would get an increase at all...any recommendations?  Thanks!


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You would no increase in speed whatsoever. If your cable signal was dropping too low due to multiple splitters you would experience issues like certain channels not working on your internet service cutting out occasionally.

I'm not a pro but I believe the short answer is no you won't loose packets because you split your signal.  Multiple splitters I think would only affect TV's with the analog cable input.  But as a general rule every thing has its limitations.

I have Time Warner Cable and they put a inline signal booster on mine and It helped alot. I also have mine split at the modem to A TV. They sell the boosters at Radioshack. and you could find them online also.