Cloud Storage Displaying Funny

Ok so here is the deal. I have a Family plan subscription. Multiple Xboxes. I started by uploading certain saves that belong to my Gamertag. Then when I went to one of the other xboxes I uploaded my wife's files. Seems that once we both logged into an xbox it merged our cloud saves. Now when I did my sons on the same xbox his was a full 511mb and our files arent showing in his cloud storage. If I delete my wife's files from my cloud they are still on hers. I guess I am more or less asking. Since they block off 512mb of storage for the syncing process on the local xbox drive, shouldn't the files unsync after i log out or since I now have downloaded all our gamertags to all the xboxes is it holding the synced files together in the same cloud. Guess I am just frustrated that it seems like someone elses files are clogging my cloud =)


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