Class 3 Zombie MMO Coming Soon ?

So you like Zombies and you like playing online, well Class 3 ( Beta ), and Class 4 ( Full Game ) could be just the game for you, i only found out about it earlier today if i'm honest so ive not had the time to read up on release dates and such, but ill try to provide as much information on it as possible to save you trawling through web space to find it :), anyway it looks amazing and i hope it actually sees the light of day, anyway here some videos and a link to the website, its a good read.

Little bit about the game


Oh did i mention it runs on the Cry Engine 3 ?

Little review from a fan

Artwork & Screenshots



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Did they disable linking because i cant seem to do it :(

Access Denied you do not have permission, and Bad request to long errors when i try and edit, you know what i hope you can see some of this game but as far as these forums go, well *** it i cant be bothered anymore.