Clarification on how discs will work for XB1 backwards compatibility


I have looked around these threads, but still have not seen explicit answer to this question, so I figured I'd make a new thread.

After you insert a compatible 360 game's disc and download it, do you need to keep the disc in the Xbox One to play it, or is it available from that point forward 100% digitally? (i.e. no disc required after initial download)

I could see the system being exploited if the disc were not required to play after initial download, because what's stopping me from buying a used, compatible 360 game from Game Stop, putting it into my XB1, downloading the game, then returning the game to the store.

Another question: will any Xbox Classic (XBC) that were playable on the Xbox 360 be made compatible for the Xbox One?'s official list of XBC games playable on the 360 ( includes a whopping 460 titles. Many of them are much loved classics (my personal favorites are SWBF1, 2, and KOTOR.)

I'm wondering if there is any technical limitation to bring these titles to the Xbox One. In my mind, because a version existed for those XBC games that worked on the 360, it can be treated like a native 360 game and brought to the Xbox One as well... but I'm no Xbox engineer, so I could be dead wrong!

Does anybody have any clarity to offer on either of these two questions?


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Hey there, Presidium! Because this feature is currently in Preview, we are unable to speculate on the features that are offered. They can easily change while in Preview. The only current knowledge we have is on our Backward Compatibility List page.

If you (or anyone else) is in the Preview Program and would like to ask these questions, you are definitely more than welcome to post up in the Update Preview Forums. I can't guarantee that they would answer you, but since this is a preview feature, it's best to be brought up there. :) Thanks for understanding!

From what I can understand, there may be a few technical limitations which can prevent them from bringing 360 games to Xbox One.

You may vote for games via the Xbox Feedback site, although this may not guarantee a chance for the game to be featured in the catalogue, it gives the Xbox team an understanding of what games are most played, and vice versa.

As the feature is yet to be released. I'm assuming they may make a few changes in accordance to player feedback from the Preview Program. In regards to the 'no disc required after initial download' - I doubt Microsoft would leave such a loophole, because as you mentioned on your post, it could be easily exploited.

You could also watch this video on Xbox Wire, which clears up a few points.

I hope this helped!