CinemaNow for Xbox One

Does anyone know for certain if CinemaNow works on Xbox One??? My lovely wife wants to rent a movie and CinemaNow is much cheaper than using the default program that comes with Xbox One.... Thanks in advance, (A happy Xbox wife is a happy Xbox life...) Steve

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I don't know about xbox adding a cinimaNow app. BUT they do have Vudu.

I have a membership to both and they are very similar. In fact, if you have purchased any films from CinimaNow, you should be able to play them on Vudu and vice versa.

They both use the same storage/streaming service- UltraViolet

If you are going to sign up for, do it from your pc first and they will give you some movies for free. (once again, stored on the UltraViolet service)

just make sure that you set up both your cinimaNow and vudu profiles to connect to the UltraViolet profile that you create. You can then watch from any service no matter which you have purchased from.

I use the ultraviolet services because I can access my files from every device I own.

you can also store most of the movies that you already own on dvd and bluray on their servers for life for like a $ a peice if you do more than 10 at a time..

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy!

All app from xbox360 should eventually at some point cross over to xbox one. It makes no sense that if they had it on one platform that it wouldn't be on there other.

I hear what the poster is saying the movies are a buck cheaper on cinimanow. Vudu is $1.00 more.

hat should be a xbox forum motto a happy xbox wife is a happy xbox life and boy do i know it