How do they get away with it ?? Observing someone with such an xbox where the cards or man plays far quicker than normal on live. Numerous complaints from number of people who are watching it happen on the leaderboard scores. Is TAMPERING then SYSTEM or CHEATING the correct complaint to file ??



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Each case has to reviewed by the live enforcement team and certain tests run on the console  to make sure its not sour grapes, every modder will be caught in the end it just takes time to make sure they are banning modders.

Things happen a lot quicker if someone from Microsoft just happens to be in the game & sees the player in action, but that doesn't happen very often.

they shud hire people who play games 24/7 and watch people in the lobbys and games and point out which ones are cause the infections to games

Thanks for your quick reply Hobblejp. This guy in Sweden sets up a private room and then hits out uno card games at 100 per hour in turbo mode. Because so many of us have complained , he now uses the machine in early morning European time on the basis that no one will see him cheating and complain. It is not clear under which category the complaint should be filed SYSTEM or CHEATING. It has to be seen to be believed. It defeats the whole objective of fair gaming.

You keep mentioning CHEATING. so report under cheating.

It only takes one report for the XBLPET team to look into the complaint. If during their investigations they find SYSTEM tampering, that will be dealt with also.

I sense you are upset that the person has not been punished quickly enough. Such things take time to investigate & the Team have to be certain before taking any action.

Imagine if you had a complaint against you! (check your rep, it happens - even to the Best, due to to sour grapes) -  would you prefer to be suspended or banned, due to the complaint., or have it investigated ?

As an extra thought (meant for people reading this, who would report for spiteful reasons) keep in mind, wrongful accusations lead to YOU being suspended or banned.