Child Of Eden

I know Whagi had a thread going, but I can't find it quick enough. And then I got hit with 13 forum errors, so I gave up.

Anyway, got a few questions - Just tried it now and cleared the first zone. I did it first with Kinect, then with a controller. Kinect is definately more fun, but the controller seems easier?

Anyway :

On my Kinect go, I hit a score of 289,800. Got 4 stars, go me. Yet on my controller go I hit 325,000 but only hit 3 stars. What gives? Are the points/rating systems different for Kinect/Controller? Surely they can't be, as then it would be far easier to get 800k on one rather than the other. The points would have to be the same otherwise one way gets a mega boost for the scores.

Secondly, Lumi's rewards. What do these do? At the end of each level it gave me 4 little medals, and I selected one. That went off to the garden. Then after the second go, it gave me the same 4 rewards, but the one I'd selected was now named 2.0. Anyway, just wondering what they are for etc.



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Kinect/Controller are scored the same, your stars are based on your purified %, item % and score.

Can't leave this addictive trip of a game alone at the moment.

Any clues as to Lumi's rewards?

Just for achievements I think.

Oh so it doesn't matter which i choose? They don't actually do anything?

I can't work out if this is the best experience I've ever had playing a game, or if its just novelty. Time will tell.

And for all the kinect haters - for the first time (and I never thought Id say this), the Kinect is more responsive than the pad.

Looks like a pretty decent game, unfortunately I dont have Kinect, and theres no way I'm shelling out for one just for one game.

In which case I think I'll just wait for the PS3 version and use my Move controller with it.

I think COE is one of the best games made for Kinect - it blew my mind!

The movement recognition is better than that used on the Kinect dashboard.

the star rank requirements are different for controller and Kinect. Kinect is lower as it is harder to keep your multiplier going longer