Child account blocked from games for gold

I have 3 kids aged 6, 8 and 11

The 6 year old is unable to access games for gold, the link simply is not there on the home page, and if I search for the games manually they do not show up.

I can view games for gold via the website, but the games cannot be downloaded due to content restrictions.

Now if it was purely down to age restrictions then I could understand, but my 8 and 11 year old have no problems downloading the same games or accessing games for gold. If a game has an age rating above their age, it simply asks me to put in my parental control code before they can view it rather than simply blocking it.

There also seems to be problems with playing some games online, such as Minecraft, which is also blocked from online game playing, which is her favorite game and the main reason for purchasing xbox live gold.

On my consoles I had all their accounts set to CHILD accounts with exact same settings, there was no difference.

after many many hours on the live chat with xbox support, I have disabled all content controls and set all privacy levels to ADULT on the console with all options enabled, so there is now no protection for my kids at all, I have deleted and imported the profile several times, yet still I had the problem.

I have had to go through the same processes over and over again which each xbox support monkey I talk to, none of them are able to comprehend that doing the same thing over and over and over again is not going to get a different result, it is infuriating.

I am now finally told after all this f*cking about and repeating myself and explaining the issue over and over and over again that the problem is due to her age and there is nothing they can do I just have to put up with it.

I asked continuously why the restriction only affected 1 child and could not get a straight answer, all they told me is that 2 of the children have a maturity level and the other doesn't, and that it is just tough and cannot be changed.

When I created all my kids accounts, I created them all as child accounts in the same way and set the correct ages, so I have no idea why 2 of them have no maturity levels set and 1 does, nor do I have any idea how I can change this or why Microsoft supposedly cannot change it, nor do I understand why this result sin games for gold being blocked for only 1 of them. I can only assume that the lack of any maturity levels for 2 of them is due to xbox support telling me to disable all the content filters, privacy settings and parental controls.

I tried asking over and over again at what age this restriction would be lifted, but it was like talking to a *** brick wall, being told there is no restriction, asking the same questions again, then being told the restriction is  due to age, then again being told there is no restriction. So for all intents and purposes it would appear this account will be stuck like this forever and she will never be allowed to access games for gold. So I am paying for an xbox live gold subscription that she cannot even fully use.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or how to speak to a real person with a brain at xbox support who will be able to sort it out.


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Is their a Date Of Birth on the accounts for your kids? This maybe where the issue is occouring.

there* (sorry)

yes there is, but if I disable all the parental controls and set them to ADULT then the problem goes away, so it cannot be her age blocking it, it is somehting in the parental control settings.