Checking HDD space

The whole xbox one user interface seems much more complicated than it needs to be and I just can't find the options and info that its predecessor showed.

Alright, so I installed ryse and bf4 a month or two ago and played them both for a couple weeks. I came back today and found that there was a bf4 update. I hit download and what I'm assuming to be a relatively small multiplayer update started. Except what it seems like is that my entire game is being downloaded again...

I'd like to see the patches/updates for each game like you could in the 360, but that option is either not there or hidden under a bunch of menus. Does anyone know how to find that info and delete a patch?

slightly random question, but does anyone know how much space is really on the hard drive?


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It wasn't possible before but after the new update that started rolling out, we can now see how much space is left. You have to go to My Games and Apps to see it.

IGN did a story on this. Roughly 362 GB available out of 500

only about 390 gb is available for games and i have already used up over 80%! and the last patch did not include external hard drive support. i like the system but if they knew you were going to have to install every game, they should have made the hard drive bigger and/or offered immediate external hard drive support. come on Microsoft get your stuff together.