Cheats ?

When are the enforcement team going to do something about the modders that constantly ruin great games i run in to the same guy on a daily basis report him every game i play and he gets no ban his console should be banned never mind a suspension i have 3 suspensions because him and minions report me for trash talking when i call them out its unbelievable sadly im moving to another platform because of this i love xbox live but the lack of moderation by the enforcement team is ridiculous  


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Microsoft license rapid fire controllers, so why would they ban people for using other third party ones?

You can hear the official policy on them from Xbox Live's Major Nelson and StepTo (former head of the Enforcement Team) in this podcast

My friend has been told by a ambassador on xbox that if you use a third party controls it is not classed as cheating and i mean those off ebay that includes the mod rapid fire i told him that they were pulling his leg but to no avail he's rushed out and bought one can i please  have an insight if it is or not so i can stop him before it arrives and he goes online

I understand that they do sell cheats for Xbox. I know of a player in spades who has won 52 games in a row. This is unheard of in honest play. The cheats are out there and the downloads for xbox are there. Thing is it ruins the game for the honest player. You don't have a chance in the world of winning against these xbox cheats.

Funny,only this week I had a thank you message from the enforcement team because someone I had reported had been investigated & banned due to my report.

I have never heard of or seen anyone getting banned from Xbox for cheating. I think they assume that because it's a controlled platform its not possible so it doesn't happen.