Cheating and no way to report

I play FIFA online and constantly run into kids messing with their internet connection to make the game skip and freeze while I have the ball and then runs perfect when they have the ball up until I try to get it back. My problem is that when I try to report them I can't. My "recently played" list under the friends tab isn't updating and so I only have random gammer tags from as far back as 250 days ago, but it won't show me who i've played today. Therefore I can't report them. I know this kid's gammer tag and I need some option of reporting it. How is there no way to simply go online and report??? Please shed some light on this ridiculously obnoxious situation.


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WHY wont it show who you played today?????  Should be at the top of the list....  If you know the GT a report is easily done!!!!!!   Add friend--- Report----  then, remove friend all through the console feature.  GOOD LUCK!!!