I have had enough. Microsoft and its monopolizing ways are just too much for any gamer to endure. With it's marketing scams and weak out dated consoles xbox fails to deliver any kind of fair online gaming experience. To have to pay for a service that is tainted beyond fixing is unbearable. Since when is cheating allowed? While playing numerous games on xbox live I have ran into blatant hacking/cheating. Any hack or mod that can be used on PC can be used on xbox, which is absurd. I pay for my internet and a xbox live fee which too very few might not be a big deal, but to most people on the earth who are not rich, it is a big deal. There is no way in hell that someone should be able to manipulate any game or any thing that I am doing via an internet connection. How is it at all fun to get good at a game just to run into nothing but cheaters that cheated their way to the top. This mainly consists in fps games which people tend to take quite seriously. Fun means that something is fun to do and no person should ever have to deal with cheating involved in a GAME! I could go on for eternity about this situation and I'm sure that there are millions who agree with me. GET RID OF THE CHEATERS! Xbox live's network is pure garbage. For those of you who are so narrow minded to not see this, just keep playing xbox. While myself and any other REAL gamers will use the Playstation, because there is not a hacker in every deathmatch or every session that exists. Not only that PSN is FREE, and a better network that does not try to constantly market garbage games to players. Gears of War 3......what  joke. It should be named Gears of Marketing 3. There is no skill or prominence in being the top purchased game. It just means that they scammed every other person with Microsoft's cutthroat style marketing. What game really sets the xbox apart form any other console?? Hmmmmm, I would say Halo, but that was over 10 YEARS AGO. Xbox reminds me of some rich kid that has so much money they can just buy their way into anything, meanwhile having no quality behind the product. 10$ a month which is 120$ a year, multiply that by one states population and you could own a country. Why are we making these people rich that never care for one second what the players deserve, which is to have fun and not be cheated in the process. I have tried to stick up for xbox because of Halo, but just one game that recognizes that cheaters are BAD, is not enough. Every game that has a online capibility should have the same EXACT framework that Halo Reach uses to keep track of the cheaters. All this being said, I am going back to PSN, and advise anyone who does not want to be viciously marketed too or cheated to go buy a PS3. To all the hackers/unskilled pansies I hope one day you all get banned and are never allowed to even attempt to cheat little kids or decent people who work hard for what they have. To all the bias xbox forum employees....... I feel bad for you for having to sell your soul to make a buck.


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Heh, be a little more concise and people might actually read what you have to say. As is, all I see is a wall of text and I've got a lot better things to do than read a diatribe.

Hm, rather lengthy. I would pinpoint parts of your post and correct them, but it seems no matter what I say, you probably wouldn't read it or even have your viewpoint changed concerning those areas. Instead, I'll just respond with what seems to be the main reason you made the thread.


If you see any users breaking the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, file a complaint against them with your console. Every filed complaint is personally reviewed by a member of the Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcment Team, never automated. Please note that complaints are filed every day, thousands of them. It'll take a little while to see your complaint and then review it.


On a side note, I do want to mention:[quote user="Ghosts420"]To all the bias xbox forum employees....... I feel bad for you for having to sell your soul to make a buck.[/quote]This made me chuckle heartly. In case you ask; No, I'm not an employee.

Seems like this day just keeps getting better.

So fullmetal, whats it like being soulless? :P jj


OP: Cheating happens everywhere mate, no matter what game, or what system. Yeah it does suck, but its just the way it is these days. Xbox is probably the best for punishing modders and hackers, if you want to see how good it is, just go play a few games of COD on PS3.


As fullmetal suggested though, make sure you fille a complaint against them, and they will get dealt with. Not instantly, but they will get checked

I couldn't be bothered to read it, you may have some valid points or maybe are just a bit of a tool, but from the subject title I can concur I've encountered cheats on COD 4 and it gets me wound up

Wall of text is a wall of text.

Funny, I've played many games online and found little cheating (mostly scorebored hacking) and I report them all.

Getting wound up by it enough to quit using your Xbox to go to the supposedly infallible PlayStation is damn right stupid. Better network? Were you hibernating during the whole PSN hack mess?

Xbox Live is pure garbage? I can't remember the last time something serious happened to it.

You complain about 'constantly market garbage games to players.' Gears of War and Halo are both highly rated games. So are games like Infamous and Uncharted and Killzone. They aren't constantly marketed games?

The most modded games are the Call Of Duty games, which are available on the PlayStation too. And guess what, people hack it there too.

I say good luck too you, and good riddance.

Well, there are those of us who do like the COD games. It get's tiresome when we complain about the "hacked to death" condition of this game, that the favorite response is "go play another game". Well, that's first grade mentality! Why are those of us who are so frustrated always basically told "just go away? We are part of the community, too!

 How would you like it if YOUR favorite games were hacked to death? The way Xbox Live is going, I'm sure it won't be long. Especially since now the slim 360 is being jtagged. (What happened to the extra security built into this unit to prevent this very thing?).

 I do play my PS3 more now then I do my 360. Hell, I even play my new "OnLive" console more then the 360! Reasons? Since Sony had the cojones to disable their service for a month, revamp it, things are a lot better on  PSN. Hell, M$ can't/won't take care of their hacking problem. And in case you haven't played COD4 lately, it is HACKED TO DEATH and has been for at least 6 months. It is a hacker/modder paradise. And as long as M$ sits on their hands, it is just going to get worse.  Plenty of time for M$ to "attack" the hackers/modders. (since IW abandoned this game, M$ should still "patrol" COD4. It would surely make a lot of people happy!).

 I do miss playing on Xbox Live, but I chose to let my Gold membership run out until M$ shows some initiative to make it worth My time and My money. There are a lot of frustrated folks out there, that are still members of the Xbox community that feel we have been dropped to the side of the road.

The new MW3 will be the first COD game I am not buying, in part due to IW's involvement and M$ inability to rid other COD games of the hackers/modders. I mean, why get involved in a multi-player game, knowing sooner or later it too will be unplayable? (PS: why is Xbox Live/M$ still offering COD Map Packs and add-ons when the games are so hacked?).

 Whew! My rant is finished. Just, come on Xbox Community. Have a little love for all the frustrated gamers out there! Please don't bash us or attempt to run us off. Oh, and have a great day!

This is a problem from the Developers end, not MS. MS can enforce the rules but they cannot "fix" a "broken" Game. That would be up to the Developers only. All MS and the XBL Policy Enforcement Team can do is Ban Account who are violating the ToU/ CoC. This wont stop new people from doing the same, only fixing what is broken to begin with will help that.

Well, that is another "favorite" line on these forums. People are not stupid. I think we all know that would be the correct solution. But since IW has lied so many times about "a fix is on the way", and they have more or less abandoned the game, wouldn't it be reasonable that M$ step it up a little in the enforcement department?

 I think that is where some of the frustration lies. I completely gave it up because I didn't know who I was more frustrated with, the hackers for obvious reasons, or M$ for not helping out on the bans. The hackers/modders KNOW nothing is happening with them on COD4, so they just keep going. We don't see anyone getting suspended or perma banned from hacking/modding on COD4. It's funny that some people, myself included, at one time, filed 20 or more complaints a day! Valid complaints! But yet, no action seen on the suspension forums. And I know the next answer, "Well, not everyone that gets suspended/banned posts to the suspension forum!'

 That is correct, but wouldn't you think out of the thousands of complaints filed daily on COD4, you would see at least ONE person claiming their innocence on the forums? Granted, XBLPET doesn't always specify the game the poster is banned from, but at least I have seen a ton of replies from XBLPET explaining they have been banned  from WAW. I'd just like to see a few that SHOW they have been banned from COD4. Once other scumbag cheaters read that people are getting banned from COD4, that might be a little bit of a deterent.

 Sorry I made a few typos and some misspelling on that last post.

 I understand and respect everyones' statements that this is a developers problem. I know it's the developers problem.  But IW has shown COD fans they don't care.

 I'm just saying I believe M$/XBLPET should just try working a little harder on COD4. I'm not trying to make anyone mad at me, just trying to show the other side of the coin.

Unless Microsoft employ many more people to work on banning hackers, they wont be able to stop them completely, quickly. Millions of people brought the CoD games, so chances are that millions have hacked and modded their Xbox to cheat. Not to mention the people who are caught, banned and then offend again, on top of the people who just mod their avatar or put offensive material in their bio, or modify their tenure (that one I really do not understand the point of).

I applaud the XBLPET for their effort in a seemingly unending war on asshats who spoil the fun for people who genuinely want to just to have fun.

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