Cheaters on xbox live (black ops)

Why has everyone all of a sudden think it is okay to put there cheat on when playing black ops???  It makes me want to quit and not even renew my live membership.  I know there has always been cheaters but the past 3 weeks has been HORRIBLE!!!  You have invisible people running around,  people who can take all the hit markers for the whole team and still not die,  gas all over the world and morters constantly  falling from the sky giving the cheater his dogs!  It is getting OLD it does not matter if the cheater is on my team or not.... It takes the fun out of the game!!  


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Report them on your console so XBOX can look into it and mention it on Activision/Official COD site so that maybe they will fix the exploits of their game. Unfortunately COD games go this way because the developers stop caring after the next one is released.

Yep it's sad people gotta be like this, it wouldn't be bad if they kept it in there own private matches.  The best u could do is leave the game, lobby and find a new match to play, and like the other member said report them and move on, I'm pretty sure if u rate the player or something like that, it will keep u from playing with them anymore so u wont end up in matches like this.

I can't recall what it was? Avoid the playet option I think it is?

That's right jasper good call, you can avoid a player in their profile after you have played them. Hopefully it will help to thin out these individuals who ruin our games. 

OP here is a guide on reporting users/blocking them etc. If you need any guidance with any of the steps :).