Cheaters on Fifa 13

So I was one on one with the goalkeeper in the 90th minute already winning when it freezes and says, you are no longer synced with the online match which resulted in me not getting the 3 points this might just be unlucky but there can be dodgy people on this game, anyone experienced anything similar?


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Must be a European thing as the guy I was playing was Italian, the foreigners are so dodgy lol

Off tropic,but Pes as lagged since the dawn of time,and the new one is no different..

I must have to agree with you there Ocelot20 I find 90% of the people who use these cheap tatics against me have been Spainish or French and even a few dutch. must be a european thing

Same thing on PES 13. 3 times yesterday I was winning against people with much better teams than me (master league). With a few minutes left all of a sudden the game starts lagging and a few seconds later the match is abandoned as the connection has worsened. No one gets a win or loss and no money is given.

They must use some sort of lag switch to make the game unplayable to the server just cancels the match. Absolute losers and it seems mostly Spanish and French people do it.

I have people quit on me all the time due to losing by 2-3 goals.  I always get the win.  I've never had a case where I didn't get the points for the game if I was winning before they quit.  Never come across the exact same scenario you're on about.


I just get sweaty people passing inside there own box for 80 minutes.

Yes thats just the servers dropping i have had it happne to me a few times

Fifa will always be the same....