Hi my headset stopped working today and ive since fixed the problem but wanted people to be aware of the fix as the support and trouble shooting pages do not mention this as a possible answer to the problem,

the problem was the headset didnt seem to be recieving power so it was not working, i went through the trouble shooting guide and nothing fixed the problem, i then spoke to customer support, and told them the problem and the steps i took to find a solution to which they had no answer and that i would need to send in the headset for repair, since my console is in the instant on mode for ease of use i have noticed a few software faults like games not starting or pushing you to the home screen the only way to fix this is to cold boot the xbox one. in the process i decided to try the headset again and it now works, there must of been a fault in the software that communicates the headset with the pad that prevented it from recieving power, by cold booting the console it removed the fault.

so if you find your headset not having power when you press the mute button or its not picking up your voce cold boot the console it should fix the issue.

happy gaming people.


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I have tried the reboot and i still have not gotten my Chat Headset to work at all. Is there any other solutions other than buying a new one?

my problem is i cant hear ppl ut they can hear me

@ghostz Make sure you pressed the chat button on the adapter till you hear people not just the volume on the right. You have to balance chat and game volume with the buttons on the left. If its an old headset you bought the adapter for just press the chat button till you hear the beap. If that doesn't work not sure.

done all that merlin and still nothing they can hear me but i cant hear them. i take the chat adaptor out and i can hear them

@gh0stz. Im having the exact same problem. in party chat if my headset is connected they can hear me but i cannot hear them. However, when I'm not in party chat and the headset is connected, I hear game sound through the headset but no chat sound. let me know if you have found a solution