Chat boost on my turtle beach not working.

I'm sorry for the big block of text that I have written but It's a short as it can be to describe my problem.

Quite a while a go I bought some Turtle beach's, more specifically I bought a pair of X11. These were great when both Game and Chat boost worked, after a while of using them I noticed that Chat didn't seem to work, I changed the voice options where it comes from TV to Headset to just speakers back and fourth to see if that would have any affect. But sadly it did not. I noticed that as soon as my chat boost stopped working, the microphone icon that is next to you name while in an xbox live party was always next to my name, regardless of if my microphone was plugged in or not, I assumed that this is just a coincidence and probably just something faulty with my X11's. I had read up on it at the time and I was told it was probably something wrong with the controller and/or Xbox. A little while later I bought a new xbox (Not because I wanted to get my headset fixed, but because my Xbox disk tray had stop working and I had tried to get it fixed but sadly, it wouldn't) and so I also got a new controller, the mic was still there and my chat boost didn't work, so I assumed it was definitely the turtle beach which was wrong. I bought a pair of X12's as one of my ear pieces on my X11 fell off... unfortunately the mic is still there and the chat boost doesn't work on my X12, these are a brand new pair so I have no clue what is going on (Also from the period of switching from X11 - X12, I had a standard microphone that comes with the xbox, which also didn't work but I didn't think this had anything to do with the whole chat boost not working but i'll just throw it in here anyway) So any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have had to play my friends voices through the game boost, which means I have to lower the game volume significantly. Which kind of ruins the experience of the game if I can't hear much of whats going on in the game. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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I recently, had to resolder the Headset Wires on my LE MW3 Turtle Beach Earforce Foxtrot's, as the microphones earth wire wasn't contacting properly, from accidently pulling on the Headset wire to unhook the Amp Power Module from a cable twist etc..

The Headset enhancement wire for spatial sound, also had a crap solder from factory & was cutting out the sound on the right speaker channel too...

Point being... It's most likely your headsets wires that need to resoldered to the Amp PCB etc...

It isn't like soldering normal wires either (They have fiber mix) & you might need advanced soldering skills to fix it...

There are a few trouble shooting tips on the TB support site that might help.    If you can determine that you have a faulty chat cable you can purchase replacement parts from their site if you cannot exchange the new X12 set.  Hopefully it's something simple like a incorrect connection or setting.  It is an odd problem that both headsets don't work with both your old and new console.  You might see if you can exchange the X12's just to make sure or see if one of your friends has the same problem using it on their console. 

[quote user="Ketros"]

I noticed that as soon as my chat boost stopped working, the microphone icon that is next to you name while in an xbox live party was always next to my name, regardless of if my microphone was plugged in or not, <snip> [/quote]

Sorry, After thoroughly reading your post.. This issue above is also the Xbox Controller playing up with the Console, as my controller does the same thing & leaves the Speech Bubble + Party Chat Icon on screen, with or without the headset plugged in... Seeing how you have Tried a New Controller & a New Headset.. I would have to say, it's something to do with the Dashboard Updates, as I've had this problem with the chat icons staying up, after the Dashboard Revision to the new layout last year & had Controller Problems with my Official Controllers... The Older Dashboard Revision was better, with less issues & they could of added Kinect Features to it too...

Make sure your Voice Settings in Preferences are turned up to 10 though (Voice & Game Volume etc) & see if you can now Chat, as I am able to chat with the same problem..

This is still not working for me and it has the speaker sign by my name