Changing your DNS settings

Noticed a few posts going around regarding changing your DNS settings to get American Netflix.... Does this have any other effects on your xbox? Thanks

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I use the unblock us service and have had no issues with changing my DNS in the router. Not sure if changing it in the console will have any adverse effects

You can change it easily enough, but it will slow your speeds down as all your traffic will be routed through the US instead.

Ive never noticed my speeds dropping I still easily get 100mbps on my tests

Won't affect your download speed, but will affect your "ping"

Nah my ping is fine. my internet speed is throttled right now to much DL today

Ok so i tried changing the settings and when on automatic I get just below 20mps download and 1 upload latency 162. When changing onto the American codes I get just over 30download and 2.16 upload same latency..... I have virgin media fibre optic.